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With a special focus on international talent, HCampos works with brands interested in hiring talent for social media, television, film, print and special event appearances. We work with everyone from international A list celebrities to new media digital influencers.


  • Working with clients to define and target which VIPs, celebrities, influencers and high-profile clients best match their brand strategy.

  • Helping US brands to reach the highly lucrative Brazilian customer base as well as advising Brazilian clients on the best way to approach the American market.

  • Exploring and securing strategic collaborations and partnerships between individuals and brands. 

  • Managing media and press strategies both in the US and Brazil.


Philanthropy is one of HCampos' core focuses. We work on everything from strategic planning for fundraising and charity events, to connecting sponsors and partners for large-scale institutions and foundations.

HCampos has worked with international non-profits such as AACD, amfAR, BrazilFoundation, Cinema Tropical, Doutores da Alegria, Gerando Falcões, Ronald McDonald Institute and Sabrina Sato Institute.

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